Welcome to Good Tidings!

We are a guild of mature, like-minded individuals on the Agnarr server of EverQuest!

Agnarr is a TLP server (Time-Locked Progression) that is "locked" during the Planes of Power era; widely considered by many EQ veterans to be the best era of the game's history before aliens and other odd things turned up in Norrath. For many classes, Epic 1.0 is still viable primary equipment!

Our guild focus is to attract more mature casual players who enjoy a positive, friendly, helpful atmosphere to share the EQ adventure. For us, playing a game should be fun every time. It shouldn't be a chore, or a requirement for membership. While we do raid content, raiding is never mandatory and we try to structure our DKP system in such a way to be fair to all members.

If you are new to EverQuest, newly returned after a long absence, or a current player whose guild may have suffered loss of membership and are interested in facing the server's challenges with a decent group of folk, feel free to join us for fun, fellowship, and maybe a little experience and loot as well! Feel free to submit an application to our guild!

Come Join Us and See What People Over Pixels Means!


New Site, New Friends

As we await the launch of LDoN, we wanted to take the opportunity to make some changes. We're moving away from the GuildLaunch website that has served us since the beginning, over to this shiny new thing that you're reading now. Having our own site is a bit daunting but it allows us full control and lets us add some features that we didn't have before.

The old "pardon our dust" is appropriate here, as Pollen is the one coding this site and some features may not be available for a while.

While we migrate over to this new site, we're also stepping up our recruitment efforts. Rather than merge into another guild we decided not to give up on Good Tidings. Most of our core members are here for the long haul -- in no particular hurry to get to Quarm. We may have to do some backflagging, or even raid Luclin or Kunark targets until our force is built up enough to progress through EPs to Time, but we're fine with that. The server isn't going anywhere, and neither are we.

Hope everyone has a good Autumn and upcoming holidays.

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