Good Tidings Points (GTP) Category: General


Provide a DKP System that is equitable to dedicated raiders while still rewarding the casual players.


You earn points by being active in the guild and attending official events. You spend those points during official events.


Point Buckets

Every guild member will have two point balance buckets - a Main Bucket, and a Box Bucket. More on this later.

Earning Points: Membership

Active guild members will earn 1 GTP every day of every week, issued at or around midnight-ish GMT into their Main Bucket. "Active" means your Main character has logged in within the previous 14 days. Raid or event attendance is not required to earn these points. Membership points do not get applied to the Box Bucket.

Earning Points: Event Attendance

During official events, points are earned on a time basis rather than an event/boss basis. One (1) point is issued at the start of the event as a reward for being on time, and attendance is noted every 20 minutes thereafter for an additional point. The conclusion of the event will be issued a point as well if more than 10 minutes beyond an attendance checkpoint.

A three hour event then would be a possible total of 10 points earned: 1 at start, and 3 per hour.

Your Main character will earn points if they are present at the event. If you have additional characters present at the raid, your Box Bucket will also earn the same points.

NOTE: The number of additional characters does not impact the points going into your Box Bucket. Meaning if you brought 5 additional characters to an event that netted 10 points, your Box Bucket would get 10 points, not 50 points. See below for why.

Spending Points

When an item drops that is worth using GTP on, the designated Auctioneer Officer will ask in /rs for bids.

Players will send a /tell to the designated Auctioneer Officer with the following information:

  1. A link to the item being upgraded.
  2. The number of GTP to bid.
  3. Whether it is a Main or a Box.

After a reasonable time, the Auctioneer will announce in /rs what the current high bid is (NOT who bid it) and allow for additional bids to be made. This will continue until the Auctioneer has called for final bids at which time the item will be awarded and grats will be given.

The purpose of sending the item to be upgraded is to avoid confusion (e.g. bidding on a Neck item when you think you are upgrading a Belt), and to allow the Auctioneer to be a proxy Loot Council and talk to Player A who is getting a minor upgrade over Player B who is getting a major upgrade to see if Player A wants to withdraw. The proxy Loot Council is not an override -- if Player A still wants the item and has outbid Player B then they will still get the item. This is just to inject some humanity into the process.

The minimum GTP for any item is one (1) point.

Spending Points: Main vs Alt vs Box vs Recruit

Mains take priority over alts and boxes. Members take priority over Recruits. For purposes of spending points, Alts, Boxes, and Recruits are the same.

If an item reaches 20 GTP with a Main character, no other may win the item. The exception to this rule in the spirit of GT's past is that member Cleric boxes may bid as if they were mains and go beyond the 20 point limit (using their Box Bucket). Recruit clerics need to wait until the trial period is over before full bidding.


Alts/Boxes/Recruits bidding against other alts/boxes/recruits have no limit.

Bonus Points

All existing members of GT at the inception of the program will receive a starting balance of 10 GTP in their Main Bucket.

New Recruits, upon reaching the rank of Member will receive a bonus of 10 GTP as a welcome to the Guild.

Why One Box Bucket?

There are many reasons a player may bring additional characters to an event. There are also many reasons why playing multiple characters can have a performance impact on the individual character's contribution to the event. To be fair overall, your additional characters earn points collectively -- and spend points collectively. Having each character earn their own balance can be detrimental to the player switching out characters on an as-needed basis. One might argue that Player A brings the same box character(s) to raids to build up their Box Bucket then brings a different character to an event to spend those points -- that is fine, and that is fair -- Player A has contributed to the raids and if they want a different character to reap that benefit, so be it -- and 20 points from a Main can still shut them out of getting an item.

Changing Mains

Members may change Mains once a year without penalty, with the new character assuming the balance of the Main Bucket. The old Main would then pull from the Box Bucket.

A second change within a year will levy a point penalty of 50% - meaning if your current Main has 100 points, it will cost 50 for the change.

Any further changes will levy a 100% penalty. This is to prevent flip-flopping Mains to game the system.

If a full year has passed since the change, Main changes can once again occur without penalty.

Adjustments to the System

Adjustments may be made as the system plays out, but this allows us to take out RNG out of loot without sacrificing our casual nature and priority to real players over pixels.

With this in place and the settling phase of the server now well underway- we can start pushing recruitment and keep playing while having fun together :)