Guild Information Category: General

Good Tidings is a casual guild which raids on a casual basis on the Agnarr Everquest PoP progression server. We have an emphasis on being friendly and helpful with members grouping, raiding, questing and having fun (which is why we play). Our leader is Cranel and he leads the guild with the help of his officers and assisted by the members of the guild. For the current officers, view the Roster on this site or ask anyone from the guild who is online and they can direct you to someone. Members may also view the Guild window in-game.

The guild ranks are:

Guild Rules

These are pretty simple:

We are very forgiving of mistakes but will remove someone from the guild if their behavior is toxic and bringing down the guild reputation as an easy going, polite guild. If you have problems with other players, please restrict your discussions to /tells. If you are unable to resolve a conflict, feel free to contact an officer or Tkelah for help.

Alts and Boxes

Alts and boxes are welcome in the guild. Just let an officer know either directly or in guild chat and they can be tagged. Just remember that officers may be busy and they may not always be able to cross multiple zones to flag someone instantly. With boxes it is expected that people follow the server rules with each box using a separate PC / laptop.

In the guild window you can identify an alt / box by looking at the note:

Guild Resources - this is the guild website and it includes forums We use TeamSpeak and information about our TS server is shown in our guild window.


All the officers look after recruitment, with the rest of the guild also being on the lookout for good people to join our ranks. To apply people need to sign up on this site ( and fill out an application form. This will be reviewed by an officer who will get in touch with the applicant to discuss the application before approving the application. Once approved the applicant can be tagged and gain access to the member forums and TeamSpeak voice chat. If you’ve applied and don’t hear from an officer, do reach out to one who is online to progress your application. When tagged as a recruit, the joining date will be included in the player notes to help track progression. People will start with the rank of recruit which will be there for typically 2-3 weeks. To progress to being promoted to member we expect that the person has been fitting in well with the guild, chatting in /gu and similar.

Raiding / Guild Events

We do raid on a casual basis, so nobody will ever be forced to raid, achieve a minimum attendance level or similar. However, we do encourage people to take part in guild events. Cranel is the raid officer, assisted by the other officers and guild members. Organized guild events typically take part twice a week with the date and time being shown on the guild motd (type /motd to view). This will include the time zone so that people around the world can convert it to their local time.

Regular events are:

TeamSpeak will be used during the raid and ideally everyone should be able to at least listen with a preference for also being able to talk.


As a casual guild this is totally optional, but do consider passing on items to other people in the guild, especially if someone has donated you an upgraded item. This could be done via /gu or sending items to the guild bank (see the guild MotD for details).

Anything Else?

This document can't cover everything, so for anything not covered just apply common sense around our guild being a fun, casual guild with no drama.


If there are issues / drama then these should ideally be raised with Cranel or any of the other officers.